Cirque Du Soleil Shakes Up Las Vegas (Again) With "KA"


4/01/2006 7:00 AM est

By Blair Jackson, Mix Magazine


... Their latest Las Vegas triumph, KÀ, is the most ambitious production in the group's history ... Very quietly, the Cirque du Soleil has sold several million copies of music CDs — mostly at their performances, but not exclusively.  Montreal-based co-composer/arranger/producer and principal engineer, Martin Lord-Ferguson, a veteran of more than 30 album projects in Canada before hooking up with the Cirque about three years ago. Long before Dupéré and Lord-Ferguson concerned themselves with the CD, they worried about the music and how it would fit in with the staging. “The first thing we did when we went to visit the KÀ hall while it was in construction,” Lord-Ferguson says, “was look at the schematics of Jonathan [Deans'] sound design, because it's a very, very high-end and audacious system, with literally thousands of speakers everywhere.